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Do you have a favorite toothbrush you hate to throw away just because someone recommended you buy a new one to replace the old one every few months?

Save your favorite toothbrush while saving yourself some money.

If it’s still viable, soak your toothbrush in a small glass of hydrogen peroxide which not only will thoroughly clean the bristles but will sanitize them as well.



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Are you in line for a car wash at an automated car wash?

Don’t turn off the ignition before the wash and rinse cycle process begins because if you do, you run the risk of your vehicle refusing to restart due to the wash and rinse water cycles inadvertently splashing moisture up under the hood.


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Need to buy gasoline at a service station, but a tanker truck is already there in the process of filling those underground gasoline tanks?

You are better off going elsewhere for the gas, otherwise sediment being stirred up from the bottom of the underground tanks can make it into your vehicle’s fuel system, causing potential problems.

If there is no other gasoline station nearby, try to wait at least 24 hours before buying gas at that station in order to allow sediment to settle back down to the bottom of the tanks.



Irregular Splotches On Your Front Teeth?

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Have you noticed that unsightly splotches have suddenly appeared on your front teeth?

Chances are there not only is a lack of calcium in your diet but the splotches may be caused by that and a recent illness or serious stress.

If you don’t like milk or milk products, or if you are allergic to these, you can either take over-the-counter calcium tablets or try including calcium rich foods like beans, sardines, salmon, eggs or other calcium-rich foods, for example, in your diet. This should take care of the problem.




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Thinking of self-publishing that autobiography, that novel, that short story or anything else you finally finished?

You owe it to yourself to go with the best!

Check out CreateSpace. They are absolutely the finest!

CreateSpace personnel patiently work with you from start to finish ensuring, with their professionals and professionalism, that your work and final product is of the highest quality which you most certainly will be proud of.

Finally, you will have the opportunity to list your creation for sale in the book section of  Believe me! It doesn’t get any better than that!


Your Home’s Maintenance

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Do you have a fireplace? Whether it is a wood-burning fireplace or a gas fireplace, use it at least once a year to keep it working and free of termites, bird nests or anything else that may decide to make your chimney its home.


For plumbing maintenance, pour drain cleaner every now and then into tubs and sinks to keep water freely flowing through pipes otherwise stoppages may occur.


To avoid disease, discourage pigeons from making your property their home. Pigeon droppings have been known to cause Legionnaires Disease-a serious, potentially lethal illness.

*This Magic Cleaner Dissolves Dirt On Just About Everything:

2 ounces Dawn

4 ounces bottled lemon juice

10 ounces white vinegar

10 ounces water

Spray on surface. Let sit. Wipe away.

*Try This Vodka Carpet Cleaner

l tablespoon Dawn

1/3 cup vodka

Hot water in a cleaning bucket (1/2 to 3/4 full)

This formula works well in a carpet-cleaning machine. The Dawn liquid soap emulsifies the dirt, breaking it down, making it slippery while the vodka with its alcohol content chemically dissolves the dirt and evaporates.




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Have you noticed your skin becoming wrinkled, especially on your arms?

Try smoothing a thin layer of Vaseline (or generic petroleum jelly with or without vitamin e and aloe) on your skin, especially after showering and drying off while your skin is still a little moist.

Wrinkles seem to magically disappear, and this product doesn’t cost anything anywhere near what the expensive brand-name moisturizers cost.

As I recall, singer and actress Doris Day recommended this years ago in order to keep skin soft and prevent unsightly wrinkles.


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Recently it has come to my attention that it is better to wear sunglasses when out and about on bright, sunny days in order to protect your eyes from ultra violet light and glare.

Optometrists and ophthalmologists now suspect that cataracts, which usually require eye surgery, may be caused by years of exposure to sunlight and glare penetrating unprotected eyes.

If you require further information on this subject, please discuss this with your eye doctor.


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Have you ever ordered breakfast at a restaurant and your toast arrives practically cremated?

Send that toast right back to the chef in the kitchen for bread that hasn’t been burned, because any B vitamins in that bread before it was “toasted” most likely have been destroyed.

The bottom line is, it’s very risky consuming any charred, carbonized foods because they definitely are carcinogenic.



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To protect your front teeth from developing tiny cracks in the enamel, it’s better not to immediately switch from consuming something ice cold to consuming something really hot or vice versa otherwise you will run the risk of little cracks forming in your perfect front teeth.

Drastic temperature changes while consuming food and/or drink can cause this.

Let the temperature of your mouth sufficiently neutralize somewhat after eating ice cream, for example, before sipping a steaming-hot cup of coffee or cocoa.

This is advice your dentist should have told you in addition to recommending using a Water Pik.

Water Piks flush out food particles that may have accumulated down there below the gum line, not only causing bad breath but potentially causing other dental problems while being lodged there.

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