How to Avoid Bad Health Habits

September 27, 2011 at 2:41 pm | Posted in Healthful Hints, Helpful Hints, Living Well | 1 Comment
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Quite often, whether humans know it or not, they are their own worst enemies.  They inadvertently do harmful things to their bodies without giving serious thought as to what they’re actually doing. Ultimately, serious consequences may develop, baffling all as to why an obscure ailment appears. In time, if the problem doesn’t go away or if it gets worse, one may seek professional advice.

Most likely a doctor will be consulted with the hope he will know how to cure the problem.  Many times, however, a physician will not be able to diagnose why a person is plagued by something, simply because the physician has no way of knowing which harmful things a person is ingesting and/or exposing himself to while at home.

Most likely the doctor will order tests, some of which not only will be expensive and painful, but must be performed in a hospital setting, providing the medical community a live guinea pig to experiment with in their quest to solve this dilemma. In most cases, however, after multiple tests and dubious trials of various medications, the doctor still won’t be able to pinpoint the cause or come up with a cure.

Therefore, it’s up to the patient after returning home to carefully examine what he’s specifically ingesting or exposing himself to, diligently analyzing daily routines and questionable habits, logically reviewing any and everything which might possibly be its cause which no physician would be able to clue into unless he were observing that person twenty four hours a day. At this point, hopefully the patient will successfully arrive at the answer as to what he must be doing to have caused this type of ailment.

Ultimately, once a harmful, bad habit is completely eliminated, the problem in time should cure itself and completely heal which the human body attempts to do on its own. In the end analysis, be cognizant all the time of everything you do which could in some way potentially harm your health. You must take responsibility for and be in charge of your health making informed decisions. And if you allow your insurance company to choose your doctors, the insurance company most likely will save itself money, but you may be subjected to inferior health care.

An example of doing something harmful to yourself is overdosing on certain vitamins.  Taking too much Vitamin A, D, E or K, which are fat absorbed vitamins the body stores, can lead to overdosing and serious side effects.  The body cannot excrete excesses of these particular vitamins like it can excrete excessive Vitamin C through urination.  Symptoms of overdosing on Vitamin A, D, E or K may be redness of the skin, itching skin or hair loss.

Yours in living better, Franceska Molnar


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  1. Great post, Franceska.

    You are right, “once a harmful, bad habit is completely eliminated, the problem in time should cure itself and completely heal which the human body attempts to do on its own.” I found out a year and a half ago that I was allergic to dairy products. Once I cut dairy, sugar, and gluten out of my diet, I lost 50 lbs. I now feel great and am looking forward to another 50 lbs. melting off.

    Thanks for sharing your insights with us.

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