Handling Money

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As you hand over cash to pay for a purchase, always say, “Here’s a five,” “Here’s a ten,” “Here’s a twenty,” “Here’s a fifty,” or “Here’s a hundred dollar bill,” pointing out the bill’s exact denomination right up front. That way, the clerk will be less likely to make a mistake in refunding your correct change.

Children, especially, should be taught to say this, making it a regular habit during cash transactions. That way, there should be no question as to the denomination of the bill, and no opportunity for a clerk to try to say he was handed a smaller denomination in an attempt to refund less change.

After putting your money away, before you touch your eyes, nose, mouth or any food, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly. Money is very germy. It is permeated with microbes. If you touch money then eat and drink without washing your hands, you run the risk of infection. Likewise, avoid eating at fast-food establishments where workers take your money then prepare your food without first washing their hands or putting on disposable plastic gloves.


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