The Bright Side

October 19, 2011 at 3:45 pm | Posted in Family Relationships, Healthful Hints, Helpful Hints, Living Well | Leave a comment
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For your own general well-being, always try to take the “high road” and look on the bright side of everything. You’ll be happier, you’ll feel better, those around you will appreciate you more and you might even live longer, too, if you look for the beauty in things as they are. Your attitude should be, my glass is half full, not half empty. And always remember that everything can always be much worse than it actually is.

Take, for example, the simple subject of a common, ordinary tree. How would you perceive an average tree? Do you look at it and say, “That tree is absolutely beautiful! It is not only perfectly shaped, but it provides much-needed shade. It enhances the entire landscape of that yard while attracting beautiful birds.”

Or…do you look at that very same tree and automatically consider it to be problematic? If so, you’d most likely complain about it saying, “Every fall, without fail, it drops all those leaves. Then when the wind blows, leaves scatter everywhere. Sometimes they are, but most of the time they’re never raked. During the summer, it doesn’t provide near enough shade. Its overly large branches block the view of the surrounding hillside, and every evening, noisy birds gather in its branches making a mess. The tree should be cut down.”

Any and everythinng on this earth can be criticized or found fault with no matter how perfect. You can either radiate a sense of contentment or emanate misery to those around you. It’s entirely up to you, but the bottom line is it is very important to maintain a positive attitude and outlook on life.


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