The Subject of Beer

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Like so many others, I, too, have always enjoyed a refreshing ice-cold beer. But after recently seeing firsthand what too much of it did to a friend, I decided to cut way back on my consumption of that particular alcoholic beverage to the point of almost completely eliminating it altogether. I’ll have a glass of wine or a mixed drink instead. Why? Well, after you read what I have to say, you, too, might seriously consider doing the same.

Recently, two long-time friends came to visit from out of town. I hadn’t seen either woman for a couple of years, but the last time I saw them, both were rather slim and appeared to be in good physical shape. On this visit, however, one woman looked about the same while the other one’s physical appearance had drastically changed.

Well into her fifties, I was shocked by my friend’s exceedingly huge stomach grossly protruding from what in the past was a petite waist. Trying to hide her embarrassment by wearing an over-sized, loose-fitting, maternity type of dress, she easily could have passed for being nine-month’s pregnant!

“What in the world happened to Carol?” I secretly asked Ann, a registered nurse. “Why is her stomach so big and bloated? Is she sick?”

“No. That’s not the problem,” Ann said. “It’s because she has been drinking way too much beer! Remember how her husband loved beer and how much of it he drank every day? Well, after he died, she got in the habit of drinking one six pack after the other just like he did. I’m sure you remember how big his stomach was. Anyhow, my husband and I tried our best to get her to cut back or quit altogether, but she wouldn’t listen. It’s a shame!”

In the brewing of beer, one of the main ingredients used in the process is yeast. Once yeast’s properties become activated, it rises and expands through complex chemical reactions and interactions. Yeast reacts similarly not only in baking and wine making but inside the human body as well once it is ingested. Inside the human body, especially over a period of time, yeast surreptitiously changes the size and shape of the gut, slowly but surely swelling, expanding and stretching human tissue, bloating organs radically out of proportion beyond normal human size. Obviously this explains what happened to Carol’s abdomen.

One can almost always spot true beer lovers just by the evidentiary size and shape of their huge beer bellies. If ever personally concerned, I recommend cutting back on the consumption of beer.


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