The Miracle of Vitamin C

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Feel like you might be coming down with a bad cold? The last time you did, did it turn into something more serious like a sinus infection or strep throat? Often that’s what happens.

Healthcare professionals have learned that it is possible to avert full-blown bouts of these and other respiratory infections just by reacting with immediacy before a cold can take hold, causing secondary infections. You can minimize its grip, lessening its duration just by taking large doses of over-the-counter timed-release Vitamin C tablets. Timed-release Vitamin C tablets are preferred over ordinary Vitamin C tablets, because they break down further in the gastro-intestinal tract. Therefore there is less chance of stomach upset which one might experience taking large doses of regular Vitamin C.

At the very first sign of the onset of a cold, a doctor I personally know begins taking a total of sixteen grams of timed-release Vitamin C a day! Yes, you read this correctly! Sixteen grams means he takes a total of 16 one-thousand milligram tablets of time-released Vitamin C per day until his symptoms are gone. He swallows four tablets (4,000 milligrams) in the morning with breakfast, four tablets (4,000 milligrams) at noon with lunch, four tablets (4,000 milligrams) in the evening with dinner and four tablets (4,000 milligrams) at bedtime with a snack. After a day or so, like a miracle, his cold symptoms have basically disappeared.

For the record, few medical practitioners are willing to share this important healthcare information with just anyone. Why? Well there not only always will be doubters, but the bottom line is it’s a case of dollars and cents (or sense) and simple math. The more a doctor sees a patient, the more money he makes. The sicker a patient gets and the longer an illness lasts, more visits to the doctor are required for even more prescriptions. Of course, from colds alone, drug manufacturers benefit greatly just by selling over-the-counter cough syrups, cough drops, nose sprays, pain relievers and so on and so forth which adds up every winter to a very lucrative multi-million dollar business.

Recounting my own experience of about ten years ago, I was very sick on and off all winter. What started out as ordinary colds progressively got worse each time, ending up as strep throat. The fourth time this exact same thing happened, I again went back to the doctor for yet one more penicillin prescription. However, the last time I was in his office, the doctor must have begun to feel genuinely concerned about all my illnesses and suffering,  because he said to me, “My dear! You’ve got to build up your resistance! You’ve got to build up the mucous membranes of your nose and throat so that you won’t get sick so often! I recommend you take one gram of Vitamin C three times a day which is a total of 3,000 milligrams daily. In time, this will build up your immunity to infection.

Thoroughly sick and tired of being sick all winter, I didn’t have to be given this advice twice. I took this professional’s advice, literally following exactly what he said word for word, and I’ve been much healthier ever since, avoiding illness.

According to Dr. Linus Pauling, the brilliant Nobel Peace Prize chemist who discovered the benefits of high doses of Vitamin C, it is virtually impossible to overdose on this particular vitamin, merely because the human body efficiently excretes any excess by way of urination.

Feel free to research Dr. Linus Pauling and his innovative discovery of the benefits of Vitamin C. He believed in its miraculous healing powers, and I must add that I certainly do, too.


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  1. What a helpful article and such perfect timing. It seems like my family is fighting off colds and flu this season. Think I’ll head over to the pharmacy and pick up some Vitamin C. Thanks for the advice.

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