The Mirace of Pure, Natural Honey

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Most importantly, never feed honey to infants younger than one year of age. An infant’s immune system is not developed enough to deal with botulism spores which honey may contain which can be deadly to a child.

Otherwise, are the rest of you still not convinced pure honey works wonders? Well then, you probably are still suffering from seasonal and year ’round allergies caused by all kinds of sources imaginable starting with the letter A in the alphabet and ending with the letter Z.

It doesn’t have to be that way. All you have to do is add one teaspoonful of honey every day to your coffee or tea. Or as one major-league football coach advised his professional team years ago, “Instead of spreading butter or jelly on your bread, drip honey on it.”

Honey not only is much healthier, but your allergies definitely will improve. It may take a month or two to build positive results, but you will see a difference in your general health. You will have fewer and less severe allergy attacks. Therefore, you will require less medication. Among other benefits, breathing through your nose, especially at night, will be easier. You will sneeze less and your eyes won’t be as red and irritated.

Unfortunately, many people are allergic to pollen. Pollen causes all kinds of unpleasant allergic reactions causing great human suffering. But why is ordinary honey so effective against allergies?

After bees collect protein-rich pollen from various kinds of flowering plants, weeds, bulbs, grasses, shrubs and trees, they convert that pollen into honey. Upon consuming that honey, the human body’s defense mechanism immunizes itself, building immunity to the various pollens the bees previously gathered, ultimately insuring that the human body no longer is allergic to those pollens. It’s about as simple as that.

Natural honey truly is one of nature’s most wonderful miracles.


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