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May 14, 2012 at 4:29 pm | Posted in Helpful Hints, How To Stay Youthful & Attractive Looking, Living Well | 1 Comment
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Love to wear big, exotic, dangling earrings? Just keep in mind that a few years down the road, your ear lobes more than likely will be stretched so drastically out of shape from wearing heavy jewelry, some even fashioned out of rocks no less, that it’s likely you’ll need a plastic surgeon to reconstruct overly sagging skin. Oh…and by the way, the same thing applies to those who choose to go without a bra, especially while jogging without any form of support.


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  1. I enjoy the simple earrings that I tend to forget are even on my ear. The big, heavy ones often annoy me. Thanks for the confirmation that I’m doing the right thing, Fran.

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