Safety Behind The Wheel And On Your Bicycles

August 1, 2012 at 6:57 pm | Posted in Healthful Hints, Helpful Hints | Leave a comment
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A driver slows down, but rolls right through the stop sign anyway refusing to stop. A short time later, a bicyclist ignores a stop sign, racing through the intersection so as not to slow his momentum.

Depending upon how often you are out and about, the above is occurring so frequently that you’re bound to see this on a daily if not weekly basis no matter where you go.

Whether these people realize it or not, they are slowly but surely conditioning their subconscious, imprinting their thinking process with the message that stop signs are unimportant and should be ignored altogether.

At first they might pick and choose which signs to ignore, but sooner or later, somewhere down the road when they least expect it, they will subconsciously revert to that previously conditioned response, completely ignoring a crucial stop sign when it’s absolutely imperative they stop, and BINGO! Irresponsible carelessness backfires big time!

If they’re lucky, all they’ll get is a traffic ticket. But if they’re not so lucky, they or someone they love might get killed.

Now involved in a serious accident with lives precariously dangling between life and death, they’ll have to live with tragic consequences the rest of their lives.

Don’t tempt fate. Take the time to make a complete stop at every single stop sign. They were put there for very good reasons.


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