Be Patriotic! Buy “Made In America” And Buy “Grown In America”

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Buying “Made in America” products is extremely important to our economy, but buying “Grown in America” is even more important for your health!

Decades ago, in order to protect the health and welfare of all Americans, the United States government banned the spraying of carcinogenic pesticides and fertilizers on all crops grown throughout the United States.

Elsewhere around the world, however, restrictions, regulations and controls of pesticides and fertilizers are either nonexistent or are nowhere near as strict as they are here in this country. Therefore, carcinogenic chemical fertilizers, dangerous pesticides and even human feces is still regularly being used to grow fruits and vegetables, exposing everyone consuming them to a multitude of hazardous chemicals and potential diseases. Incidentally, one thing that should be noted here is the important fact that toxins that animals ingest and toxins that plants absorb can be transferred to humans.

Since one never knows what kind of sudden serious allergic medical emergency or long lasting disease such as hepatitis may develop from ingesting dangerous pesticides and human excrement, it is safer to make it a habit of avoiding foods imported from backward thinking third-world countries whose primitive customs, which have been practiced for generations, are still in use to this very day. Furthermore, are their processing plants sanitary and free of insects?

The bottom line is: With our vast lands, we in America have every type of climate known to man. Our rich, arable soil is capable of growing everything we need. With our world-class expertise and incomparable high standards, there is no need to rely on other countries to provide our food.


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