Infections Your Dogs Can Cause You

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Even though it’s lots of fun to jump into a swimming pool with your dogs on a warm sunny day, it’s better not to invite your animals into the pool with you even if the water is chlorinated.

Besides other potential harmful bacteria, there might be bacteria by the name of Clostridium, Campylobacter or E. Coli living within your dog’s intestinal tract.

Clostridium bacteria, for example, can survive the passage through a dog’s stomach. Once it reaches the colon, it changes from a dormant form to an active form, making it capable of causing disease in humans.

Campylobacter also is found in the intestines of domestic animals. This bacterium can be present in dog feces which can lead to infection in humans by way of contaminated water in swimming pools where dogs have been invited to play.

E. Coli also lives in the digestive tract of dogs. Humans can come into contact with any of these bacteria through swimming in or accidentally swallowing water contaminated by animal feces.

When a person becomes ill from exposure to these organisms, without knowing exactly what a person did to expose himself or his family to disease, it can be very difficult for a health-care professional to diagnose an illness much less decide how to treat it.

Love your pets with all your might, but just don’t go overboard.

And by the way, take care not to drive with your cats or dogs roaming freely inside your vehicle. They have been known to cause fatal accidents by distracting the driver.




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