The Unintentional Spread Of Disease In Restaurants

August 9, 2015 at 5:03 pm | Posted in Cleanliness Serving Drinks In Restaurants | Leave a comment
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I literally cringe whenever I go to a restaurant and see a waiter or waitress going from customer to customer, refilling coffee mugs or beverage glasses, physically touching, contaminating each and every customer’s cup or glass with the container he or she happens to be using when refilling drinks! Sometimes it even looks like generously poured liquids somehow can actually backwash, flowing right back into the container as the beverage is being hurriedly poured! This not only is disgusting but has to be very unsanitary!

Who knows how many germs are spread this way? Who knows what kinds of diseases are transmitted from person to person every time this happens? How long do flu, cold or any other viruses last when sloshed around from drink to drink? How long would one person’s saliva cause problems on someone else’s cup or glass?

It would take a microbiologist to answer these questions, yet this kind of thing goes on in restaurants millions of times a day. It’s no wonder so many highly-contagious diseases spread so quickly, sometimes causing epidemics, but hard to kill viruses, for example, can live for over four weeks on hard and soft surfaces.

If you own a restaurant or notice a server doing this, please inform the server that is not necessary to touch each cup or glass. He or she can readily refill a beverage from a distance of an inch or two without spilling a drop. They should be made aware of the fact they are unknowingly spreading disease by doing what they are doing.


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