Poison Ivy, Poison Oak And Poisonous Sumac

November 5, 2015 at 4:49 pm | Posted in Toxic Smoke From Burning Vegetation | Leave a comment
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Although not everyone is allergic to the above plants, most people are so they’re usually well aware of what happens when poison ivy, poison oak and poisonous sumac are touched. Therefore, it is even more imperative for those allergic to the above  that they make sure they don’t breathe in any smoke from the incineration of this vegetation either during a forest fire, a scheduled burn to clear the land of overgrowth or from a campfire built by an inexperienced person who gathered pieces of wood with poisonous vegetation clinging to it.

Most people don’t realize that the acrid, aerated smoke from this burning vegetation is extremely toxic, so they get too close while it is burning. Once the poisonous oils become airborne and are inhaled, toxic poison which enters the body immediately becomes systemic, affecting the nose, throat and lungs causing serious inflammatory reactions. Depending upon the severity of the allergic reaction, symptoms may be very difficult to diagnose or treat and this may require hospitalization. Sometimes even death occurs. Unfortunately, this is an additional hazard firefighters face while on the job.


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