Gas Pump Safety

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When teenagers begin to drive, they should immediately be taught the following safety rules they need to know while refueling at gasoline pumps:

*Gasoline is extremely flammable and highly explosive under certain conditions. You can be burned or seriously injured if it is misused or mishandled.

*Do not smoke or allow open flames or sparks to be near the vehicle when refueling.

*Turn off the engine.

*Turn off cell phones and other electronic devices.

*Before using the gasoline pump, to discharge static electricity on your body, with your hand, touch any metal on your car that’s not near your vehicle’s fuel-filler tube. This will discharge static electricity on your body. Failure to fully discharge static electricity may ignite gas vapors.

*Always fill portable gasoline containers ON THE GROUND. It is unlawful and dangerous to put gasoline into unapproved containers. Never fill gasoline containers in or on the vehicle. Static electricity can ignite gasoline vapors, causing a fire, burning you severely. Always put container on the ground to fill the container and keep the pump’s nozzle in contact with the container until finished filling.

*Do not reenter your vehicle while gas is pumping because doing this can recharge your body with static electricity. If you must reenter your vehicle, first discharge any static electricity again before touching the pump nozzle.

*Do not attempt to top off the fuel tank after the fuel pump nozzle shuts off automatically. Overflow can result in fuel spray and possibly a fire.

*If fire starts, DO NOT REMOVE NOZZLE. Back away then USE THE EMERGENCY SHUT-OFF BUTTON to stop the pump.

*Never pour fuel into the throttle body to attempt to start your vehicle.

*Never allow children to use the pump. Keep gasoline away from children.

*Do not leave the pump unattended while pumping gas.

*Do not breathe gasoline vapors.

*Do not get gasoline on your skin or in your eyes.

*Do not siphon gasoline by mouth. Gasoline is harmful or fatal if swallowed.

*Do not use gasoline as a solvent or cleaning agent.


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