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Has your fingernail polish over time become so thick and gummy you think it’s time to throw it away and buy more?

Nail polish can be rather expensive depending upon where you buy it and the kind of brand.

All you have to do is go to your local beauty supply store and purchase finger nail polish thinner. By adding a small amount to old nail polish, it will thin it to where it is like it’s brand new again.



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Females participating in sports tend to dislike their hair cut too short, so they pull their long hair tightly back from the scalp into ponytails fastened with tight rubber bands. Sometimes parents have the habit of doing this to their children, too, on a daily basis.

Over time, hair, especially at the forehead, will recede after being severely pulled away from the face and tied with a tight rubber band until it is very obvious that damage has already been done.

Hair grooming methods such as cornrowing can cause loss of hair, too, and, unfortunately, it may never grow back.


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If you’ve tried just about everything short of liposuction, which not only is risky to put your body through but it’s also very expensive, and you still can’t get rid of stomach fat, try this:

Lie on your stomach with your elbows bent with your open fingers placed down on the floor to brace yourself.

Pull your stomach in as much as you can.

Using the strength of your arms, slide your body forward and back 50 times, effectively rubbing your torso against the floor, targeting that fatty area.

Now with stomach still pulled in, change the direction of the exercise by sliding your body side to side, back and forth, rubbing your torso against the floor another 50 times.

Do this combination as many times as you feel like doing every day and you will see results simply because you are physically massaging stomach fat away, targeting its stubborn structural mass.


Wrinkled, Dry Skin

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You don’t have to have wrinkled, dry skin.

Since fancy, name-brand moisturizers are rather expensive to apply all over your body,  try using safflower oil! It’s high in antioxidant Vitamin E and it soaks right in. Apply at least daily to hide those wrinkles.

Skin Moisturizers

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Plagued by excessively dry skin, but tired of buying expensive moisturizers?

Try using olive oil on your face, arms and legs. It’s pure, it’s natural, it readily absorbs into the skin and it’s relatively inexpensive compared to brand-name moisturizers. Coconut oil works well, too.

Any excess oil left on your hands can be rubbed into your nails. Otherwise, run your fingers through your hair which will apply minute amounts of the remaining moisturizer, treating dry split ends.

Easy Abdominal Exercises

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1.  While driving to church, the post office, grocery store or other destinations, hold your stomach in as long as you can while breathing normally. In no time at all, you’ll flatten and tone your abdominal muscles, improving your overall  well-being and appearance. As your muscles get stronger, steadily increase the length of time you perform this simple exercise.

2.  While lying on your back on the floor with your hands behind your head, bend your knees bringing them as close to your chest as possible. Keeping your knees together as you hold your stomach in, swing your knees from side to side. Slowly increase the amount of repetitions.

Avoiding Or Firming A Double Chin

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With your upper and lower jaws tightly closed together, tilt your head back as far as you can.

Raise your lower lip straight up over your upper lip. Repeat at least twenty times a day.

A good time to remember to do this exercise is in the shower after shampooing while rinsing your hair. By placing your fingers under your chin, you will be able to feel your muscles and ligaments accomplishing this beautifying exercise for you.

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