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Certainly all kinds of nuts are supposed to be good for you, especially if you are not allergic to any them, but be extra observant when purchasing pistachio nuts or cans of nuts that have pistachios mixed in with them

Pistachio nuts should appear to be freshly picked, greenish edible seeds. Lately, however, these nuts, packaged and sold by supposedly reputable name brand companies have pistachios mixed in with other nuts, but the pistachios are shriveled, dark brown and they look like they are moldy, third-rate specimens which could very well be harmful to your health if eaten.

Be discerning! Don’t eat these rotten specimens or allow your family to eat them. Better yet, return the entire  product to the store where they were purchased, complain about the poor quality then ask for a refund.


Pineapple Freshness

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Thinking of buying a whole pineapple to slice up for fruit salad or a fresh fruit snack?

At first glance, the pineapple might look perfectly fine. But make sure to turn the pineapple over and take a good look at the bottom of it.

Many times you will see mold already growing there, emitting a definite mildew-like odor. If so, it’s unhealthy to eat.

Don’t buy it. Simply put it back.



Unhealthy Versus Healthy Mold Growing On Food

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With the exception of cheese, should you find mold growing anywhere on food, don’t eat it or serve it! Throw the entire item away!

Inexplicably, mold will suddenly appear on potatoes, lettuce, bread, fruit and other food items improperly or even properly stored. But even if there is only a small amount of mold visibly growing, you still must throw the entire item away.

Just removing the moldy area, by slicing it off, is not good enough. Mold spores more than likely already have penetrated the entire item. Invisible to the naked eye, toxins formed by the mold spores can remain active within that food, causing illness.

Moldy cheeses, however, are safe to eat in that mold growing in and on cheese contains penicillin which is not harmful unless you happen to be allergic to penicillin. If anything, eating moldy cheeses such as Gorgonzola, Roquefort or blue cheese may help cure the beginning of a developing illness.

Checking For Freshness of Your Food Before Consuming

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When it comes to freshness of its food, which animal is more demanding – a cat, a dog or man?

Well…the answer is…a cat!

If you’ve ever taken the time to notice, a dog will wolf down anything and everything that even looks halfway edible, suffering the consequences later if what he ate was spoiled. Without hesitating, dogs will instantly devour even rotten meat that has been out in the hot sun for days.

But a cat, well…that’s another story. Upon approaching a potential meal, a cat will take the time to carefully sniff the food, checking it out for freshness. If it doesn’t smell perfectly safe to eat, a cat will simply walk away, refusing to eat whatever is there in order to protect and maintain its health.

Humans should do the same, especially before consuming meat or seafood which might be questionable which is half the battle in avoiding illness. Of course, one can’t always tell how fresh anything is, especially if it’s smothered in something like gravy. Unfortunately, if a person is not wary about what he’s about to consume, once something is swallowed, only time will tell if there will be major stomach upset.

Learn from our furry friends. Don’t eat what doesn’t smell completely fresh. The same applies to milk and eggs. Just because milk and eggs have good expiration dates on their containers, it doesn’t mean they are still fresh. First sniff for freshness.

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