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Keep all your windows and doors closed and stay inside during the time trash is being picked up and dumped into the trash trucks, otherwise dust and dirt particles from the dumping of neighborhood trash cans will waft through air and end up settling not only on everything in your home but, more importantly, in your lungs.



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Jogging on cement and/or pavement actually is very hard on your knees, ankles and hips.

In time, as one gets older, these areas of the body will begin to experience pain from the physical damage jogging on hard surfaces can cause to your joints.

If you must jog, it’s much better to jog on a treadmill which will give a little from your weight, jog on a rubberized track surface or jog at the beach in sandy areas or grassy areas which have softer surfaces.


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Newspaper and magazine journalists tout, “Take that hike! The scenery is spectacular! The views are great! The exercise will be good for you, and it’s only a 3 1/2 mile hike there and back!”

A leisurely hike certainly sounds appealing, and one can always use the exercise, but BEWARE! A hike down a dirt road, through the woods or in a field may change your life forever.

After a prolonged rainy season, wild flowers are blooming in profusion, grasses are tall and weeds are plentiful, but the fields and woods are teeming with healthy ticks just waiting in the high brush for someone to walk by to drop down on or latch onto. Unlike snakes, they won’t try to get out of your way. And if ticks bite you and are infected with one of the seven tick-borne pathogens causing human diseases including the Borrelia burgdorferi bacterium which causes Lyme disease, symptoms can include a ring-like rash along with flulike symptoms, malaria-like disease, muscle and joint aches and swollen lymph nodes.

Ticks can be as small as a poppy seed or a flake of pepper so they may be very difficult to see. After taking a hike, you have to be very diligent checking your body, even checking your hair, behind your ears, behind your knees and under your arms to see if any have latched onto you. The bigger ticks are easier to detect and remove, but it’s important to remove the tick as soon as possible to try to avoid its transmission of infection. Otherwise, once a tick is done feeding on you, it will drop off on its own. However, if you never see that tick, diagnosis of symptoms of Lyme disease can be difficult so wear long sleeves and long pants stuffed inside your socks if at all possible.

Before a hike you may feel happy, strong and healthy, but once you are bitten by a tick, your health can drastically change.

Unless you hurry to your doctor’s office or to an Urgent Care facility for antibiotics to counteract this vector-borne disease, you may end up with long-term infections that can cause more serious symptoms including arthritis, severe muscle pain, headaches, heart palpitations, brain inflammation and nerve pain.

Warn your friends and family about the dangers of hiking in those tick-infested areas. Mention this blog and tell them not to ignore my “Sound Advice For A Better Life.” A hike simply is not worth the loss of good health, for on a hike, you may see those spectacular scenes, but down the road your doctor and pharmacist will see a very sick, suffering person paying a huge price for the rest of their life.



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No one knows what causes breast or prostrate cancer, but just to be on the safe side, try to avoid sending your clothing to the dry cleaners as much as possible in order to limit even more exposure to industrial chemicals.


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Certainly all kinds of nuts are supposed to be good for you, especially if you are not allergic to any them, but be extra observant when purchasing pistachio nuts or cans of nuts that have pistachios mixed in with them

Pistachio nuts should appear to be freshly picked, greenish edible seeds. Lately, however, these nuts, packaged and sold by supposedly reputable name brand companies have pistachios mixed in with other nuts, but the pistachios are shriveled, dark brown and they look like they are moldy, third-rate specimens which could very well be harmful to your health if eaten.

Be discerning! Don’t eat these rotten specimens or allow your family to eat them. Better yet, return the entire  product to the store where they were purchased, complain about the poor quality then ask for a refund.


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Water softeners are necessary to invest in if your water supply happens to be full of minerals depositing unsightly residue on sinks and tubs, damaging faucets and the like.

Since water softeners require the addition of salt to “soften” the water, if you drink that “softened” water, you may end up ingesting too much salt, which can cause various health problems such as high blood pressure or the sudden appearance of a strange reddish skin rash.

If you must keep track of the amount of salt in your diet, or if you must reduce salt in your diet, purchase bottled water just for drinking.


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Are you plagued by a wart that refuses to go away in spite of applying various over-the-counter drugstore preparations and/or scheduling doctor’s visits resulting in surgery which added up to hundreds of dollars only to have the wart reappear?

The key to getting rid of a wart is changing up its living matter – its structural formula – its molecular biology.

Go online and check out the Wartabater, reading everything there is to read about this product, then buy it. It works.

Pineapple Freshness

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Thinking of buying a whole pineapple to slice up for fruit salad or a fresh fruit snack?

At first glance, the pineapple might look perfectly fine. But make sure to turn the pineapple over and take a good look at the bottom of it.

Many times you will see mold already growing there, emitting a definite mildew-like odor. If so, it’s unhealthy to eat.

Don’t buy it. Simply put it back.



Caring for Sick Children When Out of Town

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What do you do if your infant or child has taken ill when it’s late at night, doctor’s offices are closed and you’re out of town during a holiday?

Call the nearest hospital’s Pediatrics Department and ask the nurse on duty to recommend the best thing you can do for your child to reduce a high fever or deal with any other worries you may have regarding that child.

Infections Your Dogs Can Cause You

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Even though it’s lots of fun to jump into a swimming pool with your dogs on a warm sunny day, it’s better not to invite your animals into the pool with you even if the water is chlorinated.

Besides other potential harmful bacteria, there might be bacteria by the name of Clostridium, Campylobacter or E. Coli living within your dog’s intestinal tract.

Clostridium bacteria, for example, can survive the passage through a dog’s stomach. Once it reaches the colon, it changes from a dormant form to an active form, making it capable of causing disease in humans.

Campylobacter also is found in the intestines of domestic animals. This bacterium can be present in dog feces which can lead to infection in humans by way of contaminated water in swimming pools where dogs have been invited to play.

E. Coli also lives in the digestive tract of dogs. Humans can come into contact with any of these bacteria through swimming in or accidentally swallowing water contaminated by animal feces.

When a person becomes ill from exposure to these organisms, without knowing exactly what a person did to expose himself or his family to disease, it can be very difficult for a health-care professional to diagnose an illness much less decide how to treat it.

Love your pets with all your might, but just don’t go overboard.

And by the way, take care not to drive with your cats or dogs roaming freely inside your vehicle. They have been known to cause fatal accidents by distracting the driver.



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