Irregular Splotches On Your Front Teeth?

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Have you noticed that unsightly splotches have suddenly appeared on your front teeth?

Chances are there not only is a lack of calcium in your diet but the splotches may be caused by that and a recent illness or serious stress.

If you don’t like milk or milk products, or if you are allergic to these, you can either take over-the-counter calcium tablets or try including calcium rich foods like beans, sardines, salmon, eggs or other calcium-rich foods, for example, in your diet. This should take care of the problem.





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No one knows what causes breast or prostrate cancer, but just to be on the safe side, try to avoid sending your clothing to the dry cleaners as much as possible in order to limit even more exposure to industrial chemicals.

Offensive-smelling Medications

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Have you purchased an over-the-counter medicated pain relief preparation for pain such as arthritis only to discover the menthol, camphor, eucalyptus and/or other oils in that product are way too potent to apply, especially before going out in public?

Rather than not using the product or throwing it away, try removing the lid on its container, allowing the strong odor to dissipate somewhat which should make a difference.

In a few days, the strong odor will be more tolerable without affecting the product’s integrity.


Caring for Sick Children When Out of Town

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What do you do if your infant or child has taken ill when it’s late at night, doctor’s offices are closed and you’re out of town during a holiday?

Call the nearest hospital’s Pediatrics Department and ask the nurse on duty to recommend the best thing you can do for your child to reduce a high fever or deal with any other worries you may have regarding that child.

Infections Your Dogs Can Cause You

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Even though it’s lots of fun to jump into a swimming pool with your dogs on a warm sunny day, it’s better not to invite your animals into the pool with you even if the water is chlorinated.

Besides other potential harmful bacteria, there might be bacteria by the name of Clostridium, Campylobacter or E. Coli living within your dog’s intestinal tract.

Clostridium bacteria, for example, can survive the passage through a dog’s stomach. Once it reaches the colon, it changes from a dormant form to an active form, making it capable of causing disease in humans.

Campylobacter also is found in the intestines of domestic animals. This bacterium can be present in dog feces which can lead to infection in humans by way of contaminated water in swimming pools where dogs have been invited to play.

E. Coli also lives in the digestive tract of dogs. Humans can come into contact with any of these bacteria through swimming in or accidentally swallowing water contaminated by animal feces.

When a person becomes ill from exposure to these organisms, without knowing exactly what a person did to expose himself or his family to disease, it can be very difficult for a health-care professional to diagnose an illness much less decide how to treat it.

Love your pets with all your might, but just don’t go overboard.

And by the way, take care not to drive with your cats or dogs roaming freely inside your vehicle. They have been known to cause fatal accidents by distracting the driver.



Checking For Freshness of Your Food Before Consuming

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When it comes to freshness of its food, which animal is more demanding – a cat, a dog or man?

Well…the answer is…a cat!

If you’ve ever taken the time to notice, a dog will wolf down anything and everything that even looks halfway edible, suffering the consequences later if what he ate was spoiled. Without hesitating, dogs will instantly devour even rotten meat that has been out in the hot sun for days.

But a cat, well…that’s another story. Upon approaching a potential meal, a cat will take the time to carefully sniff the food, checking it out for freshness. If it doesn’t smell perfectly safe to eat, a cat will simply walk away, refusing to eat whatever is there in order to protect and maintain its health.

Humans should do the same, especially before consuming meat or seafood which might be questionable which is half the battle in avoiding illness. Of course, one can’t always tell how fresh anything is, especially if it’s smothered in something like gravy. Unfortunately, if a person is not wary about what he’s about to consume, once something is swallowed, only time will tell if there will be major stomach upset.

Learn from our furry friends. Don’t eat what doesn’t smell completely fresh. The same applies to milk and eggs. Just because milk and eggs have good expiration dates on their containers, it doesn’t mean they are still fresh. First sniff for freshness.

Improving Your Eyesight

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Does your eyesight seem to be slipping, getting weaker?

Maybe you are staring into the computer screen too many hours per day which can be the cause.

In any case, before you schedule an appointment with an eye doctor, first try taking a good over-the-counter eye vitamin. Your pharmacist can recommend one, but a couple of excellent suggestions are: Ocuvite or I-Caps. Just make sure they contain Lutein and Zeaxanthin.  There’s a good chance your vision will improve if you do.

Unhealthy Overeating

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Some health nuts (health proponents) say it is healthier to periodically quit eating until your body signals that it actually is hungry rather than constantly stuff it with food whether hungry or not.

Eating all the time is not only unnecessary, but unhealthy. Give your digestive system a chance to rest. Like other animals on this earth, humans do not need to constantly eat in order to survive..


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Do you have insomnia and can’t sleep?

Before going to the doctor to ask for a prescription med, first try taking an over-the-counter 50mg Benadryl tablet or capsule or take its generic equivalent (diphenhydramine) at bedtime.

This antihistamine is reasonably priced and can be very effective for a good night’s sleep. Just follow the directions on the package.

To avoid any sensitivity or allergies you may have to colorings or dyes in medication, the above is also available in dye-free capsules and liquid. 


Medication Side Effects

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Some prescription medications and even some over-the-counter drugs can cause a bad taste in your mouth, or cause the sensation that you are breathing acrid smoke or exhaust fumes.

To combat this unpleasant side effect, try drinking plenty of water to dilute this side effect or try chewing gum to lessen this irritant until it subsides.

If the problem persists and is intolerable, you may have to ask your doctor to change your medication to another one that hopefully might work better.

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