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Do you have a GPS, a Global Positioning System in your car?

If so, don’t trust this navigational tool completely. Study a map first, verifying the correct route to your destination, then confirm your route with the GPS just to be sure that GPS is correct and that you’ll get where you want to go.

Unfortunately, many times a GPS has proven to be incorrect, sending travelers way off course where they end up lost in the desolate middle of nowhere, out of gasoline, food and water. It’s one thing to find yourself in the wrong place but still within a civilized area, but it’s another thing to end up dead wrong when your life depended upon a GPS guiding you to where you safely wanted to go.



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Thinking of buying a house or building a house on a heavily-wooded lot with lots of tall trees?

You might want to think twice about doing that or even planting trees that will grow to 20 feet or more.

Every time one or more of those trees dies and/or needs to be cut down, it will cost a lot of money which is something most people don’t initially think of when purchasing property in forested areas or when planting trees that in time will grow to be quite tall.


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Believe it or not, the answer is yes!

Some cities like San Luis Obispo, California actually will issue you a second parking ticket even though they already issued you a parking meter violation citation if you still haven’t moved your car after an hour or so after your time on the meter has run out.

Let’s say you park at a two hour time zone parking meter and your time expires. You will get a citation (ticket) costing you $33.00. But if your car is still there after three or four hours, you can be given another ticket for overtime parking which will cost you an additional $43.00 or a whopping total of $76.00!

Meter Maids have been known to issue  tickets the moment the meter’s time runs out even as a shopper  attempts to put more coins in the meter!

To avoid these overly punitive fines, be sure to remove the chalk mark on your tire if there is one, then move your car to another block or better yet, park in the parking garage.

As an added note for your general information, some cities like Santa Barbara, California do not consider holidays to be exempt from feeding the meter. You still have to feed the meters or you will get a parking ticket.




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Keep all your windows and doors closed and stay inside during the time trash is being picked up and dumped into the trash trucks, otherwise dust and dirt particles from the dumping of neighborhood trash cans will waft through air and end up settling not only on everything in your home but, more importantly, in your lungs.


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Has your fingernail polish over time become so thick and gummy you think it’s time to throw it away and buy more?

Nail polish can be rather expensive depending upon where you buy it and the kind of brand.

All you have to do is go to your local beauty supply store and purchase finger nail polish thinner. By adding a small amount to old nail polish, it will thin it to where it is like it’s brand new again.


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Men! When you shake hands with a woman, please don’t squeeze her delicate hand too hard!

Her hand may have had a previous, painful injury and your tight grip will undoubtedly cause great pain!

Better yet, wait until she extends her hand to you, then be careful not to overdo it.


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Are you plagued by a wart that refuses to go away in spite of applying various over-the-counter drugstore preparations and/or scheduling doctor’s visits resulting in surgery which added up to hundreds of dollars only to have the wart reappear?

The key to getting rid of a wart is changing up its living matter – its structural formula – its molecular biology.

Go online and check out the Wartabater, reading everything there is to read about this product, then buy it. It works.

Tutoring For Extra Cash

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Do you excel in English or Math or are you proficient in  piano or any other subject?

If so, to earn extra money, tutor these subjects either in your home, a student’s home or in a public place such as a library or coffee house.

Libraries are not as particular as they used to be years ago when they demanded absolute quiet.  Nowadays, you might hear loud laughter or conversations by library employees themselves. If this is too distracting for you to concentrate, you may need to work someplace else.


Saving Outdoor Plants During Winter Months

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Usually, during dry, colder months of the year when there’s danger of frost or a hard freeze, television news teams warn listeners to “cover delicate outdoor plants to protect them.” That’s good advice, but what those plants really need before they are covered is a shot of water to their roots, especially if it hasn’t rained for a while.

If they are covered without first being watered, there’s a chance they’ll suffer greatly or even die.

Watering their roots before covering for a frost or freeze can make all the difference if you really want to help them survive.

Opportunities Do Exist

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It doesn’t happen often if it happens at all, but sometimes in one’s life, a rare opportunity comes along.

At that time, one must be wise enough to seize that opportunity, making the most of it before it’s forever gone.

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