Your Home’s Maintenance

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Do you have a fireplace? Whether it is a wood-burning fireplace or a gas fireplace, use it at least once a year to keep it working and free of termites, bird nests or anything else that may decide to make your chimney its home.


For plumbing maintenance, pour drain cleaner every now and then into tubs and sinks to keep water freely flowing through pipes otherwise stoppages may occur.


To avoid disease, discourage pigeons from making your property their home. Pigeon droppings have been known to cause Legionnaires Disease-a serious, potentially lethal illness.

*This Magic Cleaner Dissolves Dirt On Just About Everything:

2 ounces Dawn

4 ounces bottled lemon juice

10 ounces white vinegar

10 ounces water

Spray on surface. Let sit. Wipe away.

*Try This Vodka Carpet Cleaner

l tablespoon Dawn

1/3 cup vodka

Hot water in a cleaning bucket (1/2 to 3/4 full)

This formula works well in a carpet-cleaning machine. The Dawn liquid soap emulsifies the dirt, breaking it down, making it slippery while the vodka with its alcohol content chemically dissolves the dirt and evaporates.





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Not that happy with Chem Dry carpet cleaning product, their carpet cleaning service or any other carpet cleaners?

Try cleaning your carpet yourself with your own carpet cleaning machine or use one you’ve rented, but purchase a product called FOLEX. It’s not only an instant spot remover, but when it’s correctly mixed with water, it gets the carpet clean with carpet cleaning machines. You’ll find that it works so much better than Chem Dry. It can be purchased at most hardware stores.


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Water softeners are necessary to invest in if your water supply happens to be full of minerals depositing unsightly residue on sinks and tubs, damaging faucets and the like.

Since water softeners require the addition of salt to “soften” the water, if you drink that “softened” water, you may end up ingesting too much salt, which can cause various health problems such as high blood pressure or the sudden appearance of a strange reddish skin rash.

If you must keep track of the amount of salt in your diet, or if you must reduce salt in your diet, purchase bottled water just for drinking.

Glass Cookware Hazards

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Glass cookware does have a shelf life. In other words, glass cookware has been known to literally explode inside a hot oven, disintegrating into millions of shards, destroying the entire meal while causing a fire in the oven. Even new Pyrex-type glassware (if not tempered correctly) can do the same.

To avoid playing Russian Roulette using glass cookware, invest in stainless steel which is more expensive but won’t react the same way heated glass does. Don’t learn things the hard way. Learn vicariously from others’ bad experiences.

Eliminating Bacteria In The Kitchen

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Take a close look at your kitchen sink dish drain. Does it look gross?

If so, then it very well could be harboring bacteria.

Pop the dish drain upside down in your dishwasher. Add dishwasher soap and a splash of vinegar, then run dishwasher completely through a wash cycle using hot water. Your dish drain will come out looking clean and sterile. While you’re at it, check the water and ice catchall on the outside of your refrigerator door. That might need to be wiped down with warm soap and water.

Marble, Granite And Corian Counter Tops

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Naturally beautiful rock such as marble, onyx, granite, quartzite or limestone that has been carefully cut, highly polished then topically sealed as well as various man-made synthetics such as corian are the rage and are “in” right now for kitchens, bathrooms, dens, bar areas and dining room buffets not to mention their use as mountings for works of art, but before replacing your kitchen counter tops or anything else with the above, do your homework!

The trouble is, these products not only can be permanently chipped and scratched, but they are easily stained, abrasively damaged and even pitted whenever an acidic substance such as lemon juice or vinegar inadvertently comes into contact with their surfaces which will eventually require special time-consuming maintenance in order to try to restore them to their original appearance.

Before investing in this fad, take the time to be totally informed, and make sure you and your family are committed to conscientiously taking the best care possible of these expensive household improvements. Otherwise they will conspicuously show they were carelessly damaged.

Conserving Energy

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After washing throw rugs and putting them into the dryer, does it take forever for them to dry?

If so, temporarily remove the lint screen just for this load. The rugs will be too large to clog anything, and the stronger flow of air will not only dry your rugs faster, it will invariably clear out old, accumulated lint from inside the tubing, blowing lint all the way through to the outside, ultimately saving energy.

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