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Everyone can always use extra income especially now that the price of everything seems to be continually rising! Where will it end?

Advertise and then put your talents to work either in your home, their home, at a library, at a park or anyplace else agreed upon.

If you excel in math, tutor math. If you excel in English, teach a broken-English speaking person the correct pronunciations and enunciations of the English language. Believe it or not, this actually is possible and actually has been achieved, by immigrants keenly listening to the radio or to the way a native person speaks in order to eventually sound like a native of this country or a native of another country in which they happen to reside.

You can teach piano, guitar or any other musical instrument. Share your gourmet cooking and baking secrets. Coach someone in Computer Science or tennis on the tennis court. Tutor one-on-one or tutor a small group of people together.

Opportunities do exist.


Tutoring For Extra Cash

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Do you excel in English or Math or are you proficient in  piano or any other subject?

If so, to earn extra money, tutor these subjects either in your home, a student’s home or in a public place such as a library or coffee house.

Libraries are not as particular as they used to be years ago when they demanded absolute quiet.  Nowadays, you might hear loud laughter or conversations by library employees themselves. If this is too distracting for you to concentrate, you may need to work someplace else.


Opportunities Do Exist

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It doesn’t happen often if it happens at all, but sometimes in one’s life, a rare opportunity comes along.

At that time, one must be wise enough to seize that opportunity, making the most of it before it’s forever gone.

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