Irregular Splotches On Your Front Teeth?

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Have you noticed that unsightly splotches have suddenly appeared on your front teeth?

Chances are there not only is a lack of calcium in your diet but the splotches may be caused by that and a recent illness or serious stress.

If you don’t like milk or milk products, or if you are allergic to these, you can either take over-the-counter calcium tablets or try including calcium rich foods like beans, sardines, salmon, eggs or other calcium-rich foods, for example, in your diet. This should take care of the problem.





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To protect your front teeth from developing tiny cracks in the enamel, it’s better not to immediately switch from consuming something ice cold to consuming something really hot or vice versa otherwise you will run the risk of little cracks forming in your perfect front teeth.

Drastic temperature changes while consuming food and/or drink can cause this.

Let the temperature of your mouth sufficiently neutralize somewhat after eating ice cream, for example, before sipping a steaming-hot cup of coffee or cocoa.

This is advice your dentist should have told you in addition to recommending using a Water Pik.

Water Piks flush out food particles that may have accumulated down there below the gum line, not only causing bad breath but potentially causing other dental problems while being lodged there.

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