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Certainly all kinds of nuts are supposed to be good for you, especially if you are not allergic to any them, but be extra observant when purchasing pistachio nuts or cans of nuts that have pistachios mixed in with them

Pistachio nuts should appear to be freshly picked, greenish edible seeds. Lately, however, these nuts, packaged and sold by supposedly reputable name brand companies have pistachios mixed in with other nuts, but the pistachios are shriveled, dark brown and they look like they are moldy, third-rate specimens which could very well be harmful to your health if eaten.

Be discerning! Don’t eat these rotten specimens or allow your family to eat them. Better yet, return the entire  product to the store where they were purchased, complain about the poor quality then ask for a refund.



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Everyone can always use extra income especially now that the price of everything seems to be continually rising! Where will it end?

Advertise and then put your talents to work either in your home, their home, at a library, at a park or anyplace else agreed upon.

If you excel in math, tutor math. If you excel in English, teach a broken-English speaking person the correct pronunciations and enunciations of the English language. Believe it or not, this actually is possible and actually has been achieved, by immigrants keenly listening to the radio or to the way a native person speaks in order to eventually sound like a native of this country or a native of another country in which they happen to reside.

You can teach piano, guitar or any other musical instrument. Share your gourmet cooking and baking secrets. Coach someone in Computer Science or tennis on the tennis court. Tutor one-on-one or tutor a small group of people together.

Opportunities do exist.


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Are you or someone in your family plagued by strep throat?

“You must build up the mucous membranes of your nose and throat” was the advice of a caring family physician.

“Adults should take one or two grams of Vitamin C every day” he advised. “Vitamin C is water soluble and can’t be overdosed. Any excess Vitamin C is simply excreted in the urine. Children able to swallow tablets can be given 500 milligrams to 1,000milligrans of Vitamin C twice to three times a day. And children unable to swallow tablets can be given 500 milligram chewable Gummy Bears once or twice a day.”

In addition, consuming fruits and vegetables high in Vitamin C are sure to enhance the benefits of taking over-the-counter Vitamin C.


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It’s that time of year again and if you would like to serve something different to guests, make this old European holiday dessert with chestnuts.

Instead of roasting chestnuts, boil them in water until their shells are soft enough to peel. Before they completely cool off, peel them then toss them into a nut grinder activated by hand. Divide ground nuts onto individual dessert plates then top with a dollop of sweetened whipped cream. Serve immediately with your favorite hot beverage and enjoy!

P.S. Should you notice a small dirty spot on the carpet before your company arrives, spray with Windex or Glass Plus then wipe or dab clean with a paper towel.




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Mix Daisy Brand Pure & Natural Sour Cream with brown sugar. You will love how this tastes!

Combine grapes, sliced bananas, Mandarin oranges, chopped nuts, flaked coconut, pineapple chunks or any of your other favorite fruits then generously top with the sour cream and brown sugar ingredients or mix all these all-natural ingredients together.

What else can you do with this tasty concoction? Be creative! You decide.



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Men! When you shake hands with a woman, please don’t squeeze her delicate hand too hard!

Her hand may have had a previous, painful injury and your tight grip will undoubtedly cause great pain!

Better yet, wait until she extends her hand to you, then be careful not to overdo it.


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Water softeners are necessary to invest in if your water supply happens to be full of minerals depositing unsightly residue on sinks and tubs, damaging faucets and the like.

Since water softeners require the addition of salt to “soften” the water, if you drink that “softened” water, you may end up ingesting too much salt, which can cause various health problems such as high blood pressure or the sudden appearance of a strange reddish skin rash.

If you must keep track of the amount of salt in your diet, or if you must reduce salt in your diet, purchase bottled water just for drinking.

Offensive-smelling Medications

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Have you purchased an over-the-counter medicated pain relief preparation for pain such as arthritis only to discover the menthol, camphor, eucalyptus and/or other oils in that product are way too potent to apply, especially before going out in public?

Rather than not using the product or throwing it away, try removing the lid on its container, allowing the strong odor to dissipate somewhat which should make a difference.

In a few days, the strong odor will be more tolerable without affecting the product’s integrity.



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Have you noticed?

People are driving faster than ever, dangerously tailgating the car ahead then suddenly changing lanes, aggressively squeezing their vehicles into another lane with very little space to spare! So much for drivers observing the “three-second rule” which, if followed, helps drivers gauge the recommended distance between vehicles in order to avoid collisions and safely come to a stop if necessary.

Mix speed with various distractions lighting up there on the dashboard, pets freely roaming around inside the vehicle, kids requiring attention, the cellphone ringing, the texting while driving, the inebriated, the angry, the medicated and so forth, well…no wonder there are so many more accidents occurring lately.

Attorneys specializing in automobile accident injuries recommend that your uninsured motorist coverage be at least as much as your liability coverage. If the other driver is not insured or is underinsured, his policy may not be enough to cover injuries you may incur due to his poor driving. If that is the case, your own uninsured motorist coverage will be there to protect you. Talk to your insurance agent for details.




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If you’ve tried just about everything short of liposuction, which not only is risky to put your body through but it’s also very expensive, and you still can’t get rid of stomach fat, try this:

Lie on your stomach with your elbows bent with your open fingers placed down on the floor to brace yourself.

Pull your stomach in as much as you can.

Using the strength of your arms, slide your body forward and back 50 times, effectively rubbing your torso against the floor, targeting that fatty area.

Now with stomach still pulled in, change the direction of the exercise by sliding your body side to side, back and forth, rubbing your torso against the floor another 50 times.

Do this combination as many times as you feel like doing every day and you will see results simply because you are physically massaging stomach fat away, targeting its stubborn structural mass.


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