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Do some research on these things beforehand in order to make an intelligent choice, insuring you are getting the best deal.

Many times, a salesman or business owner will try to persuade you into buying one item rather than another, simply because his commission will be higher or his profit will be better, so you can’t completely rely on a sales person’s advice no matter how sincere they may seem to be.

Do your homework to be completely satisfied with all your purchases.


Saving A Life

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Hear someone choking, especially while they are eating?

Be an angel!

Immediately get up, get a cup of water and offer it to this person to help him or her clear their throat.

Better yet, always have a glass of water available in front of each person at the table. A gulp of water can make all the difference in the world when someone is choking.

Swallowing water actually can cure a choking situation. Of course, if that doesn’t work, knowing how to administer the Heimlich Method, dislodging food stuck in the throat, can literally save  someone’s life. They will be very grateful to you if something like this should happen.

The Brothers From Budapest

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Looking for last minute Christmas or birthday gifts?

Let them vicariously live dangerously! Buy them The Brothers From Budapest, an intriguing true crime/romance thriller on sale at


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Is there a teenager in your life, trying to frustrate you with attitude by answering everything you say with “So?”

“It sure is a beautiful day,” you might say.


“I’m going to the store,” you might add.


This type of thing can go on and on, ad nauseam.

At first, his or her totally unexpected two-letter curt comment can be disarming, blowing you out of the water. And since just about any sentence or comment can be trivialized with “So?”, to deal with this ornery teenager, I recommend either answering “So?” with “So!” or simply laughing out loud to disarm him. I did and it worked.



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Do you have a GPS, a Global Positioning System in your car?

If so, don’t trust this navigational tool completely. Study a map first, verifying the correct route to your destination, then confirm your route with the GPS just to be sure that GPS is correct and that you’ll get where you want to go.

Unfortunately, many times a GPS has proven to be incorrect, sending travelers way off course where they end up lost in the desolate middle of nowhere, out of gasoline, food and water. It’s one thing to find yourself in the wrong place but still within a civilized area, but it’s another thing to end up dead wrong when your life depended upon a GPS guiding you to where you safely wanted to go.


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At this disturbing point in time, with sexual harassment taking place everywhere including schools and sanctimonious churches, I recommend reading my book entitled, “WOMEN OF CITY HALL” which specifically addresses workplace sexual harassment.

“WOMEN OF CITY HALL,” based on a true story, is an eye-opening expose documenting unwanted sexual advances, predatory behavior and sexual misconduct toward women AND toward men in what supposedly should be a staid, professional and safe office environment.

No one should have to suffer in an abusive, hostile work environment.

“WOMEN OF CITY HALL” helps define what abuse is for naïve young women and young men just beginning their careers. It’s better to be informed as to what is going on in this day and age rather than not know anything and becoming a victim.

“WOMEN OF CITY HALL” is listed for sale on



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Not that happy with Chem Dry carpet cleaning product, their carpet cleaning service or any other carpet cleaners?

Try cleaning your carpet yourself with your own carpet cleaning machine or use one you’ve rented, but purchase a product called FOLEX. It’s not only an instant spot remover, but when it’s correctly mixed with water, it gets the carpet clean with carpet cleaning machines. You’ll find that it works so much better than Chem Dry. It can be purchased at most hardware stores.


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Have you ever been asked to buy something or do something that for one reason or another you really don’t want to do?

The easiest way to answer these types of requests from friends, relatives or anyone else without antagonizing them is to say, “I’ll think about it.”

“I’ll think about it” usually satisfies every request simply because they will think you are in the process of deciding whether or not you are going to agree to their request, but in reality you are stalling them indefinitely which usually gets you off the “hook” permanently.

Nine times out of ten, they will have changed their mind about what they wanted, or they got someone else to grant them their request, or they decided it was a bad idea in the first place and won’t ask you for that particular favor again.


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Thinking of buying a house or building a house on a heavily-wooded lot with lots of tall trees?

You might want to think twice about doing that or even planting trees that will grow to 20 feet or more.

Every time one or more of those trees dies and/or needs to be cut down, it will cost a lot of money which is something most people don’t initially think of when purchasing property in forested areas or when planting trees that in time will grow to be quite tall.


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A roasted chicken – deboned,  skin thrown away and chicken pieced in smaller sections

2 cans of either mushroom soup or cream of chicken soup

1 cup of mayonnaise

1 cup of cheddar cheese

1 and 1/2 teaspoon curry powder

1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice

2 large heads of broccoli or 4 packages of frozen broccoli

Bread crumbs


Parsley flakes

Cook frozen broccoli according to package directions, or cook fresh broccoli until tender

Stir together the soup, mayonnaise, cheese, curry powder and lemon juice

In oblong, greased Pyrex dish, layer the chicken, the broccoli, and then add some soup mixture. Continue making layers of the above until all of the chicken, broccoli and soup mixture is depleted

Add bread crumbs on top and sprinkle with paprika and parsley flakes to add color

Cover and bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes to 1 hour

This very easy, delicious recipe can be made the day before you serve this meal



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