Cosmetic Counter Risks

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They’re there–spread out all over the counters for any and every one to freely use, but my advice is don’t do it!

I’m specifically referring to cosmetics at cosmetic counters everywhere where shoppers can sample or test various products.

Cosmetic counter lipsticks, skin creams, eye preparations and various other products are fun for females to look at and try, but these products happen to be some of the worst bacteria laden items a person could ever come into contact with.

Giving no thought to contagious diseases, teenagers are especially prone to experimenting with testers, eagerly using readily available samples by sticking their unwashed fingers into open jars, smearing previously used lipsticks on their mouths and applying sample eye shadows and eye liner, testing assorted shades and colors. Whether they know it or not, what they are doing is almost as bad as playing Russian roulette, for when it comes to exposing themselves to diseases, they are seriously jeopardizing their health.

All it takes is for one person, infected with highly contagious herpes of the eye, to sample an eye product by applying it to one or both of her eyes, and that product is permanently contaminated with the herpes virus which can cause irreversible blindness if untreated with prescription medication. Once infected with that miserable affliction, there is no cure, and that person will have to apply very expensive eye drops to her eyes for the rest of her life. She also will have to be extra diligent that she does not contaminate things like other family member’s towels or allow them use hers, or they most certainly will be exposed to the same disease.

Unfortunately many ill people have no regard for those who are healthy, so they have no qualms spreading disease.

Taking a chance using free products at cosmetic counters is not worth having to live with the consequences.


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